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'Student' Blog Posts

  • Exploring how digitally literate we are in dentistry

    Yasmin Allen explores what 'digitally literacy' means in dentistry, and highlights some of the challenges faced by practices that are not yet digitally enabled and the support they might need to help transform.

    Blog Date 24 April, 2018

  • Could a robot replace you? Dentistry and our future

    Young Dentist Committee Chair Nikki Patel explains why robots aren't likely to be replacing dentists anytime soon, but why we all dentists need to be aware of the changing landscape for dentistry and take part.

    Blog Date 26 March, 2018

  • Young dentists views must be heard on dental training reform

    Proposed plans for changing dental training could have a massive impact on the future of the profession: Nikki Patel explains why young dentists need to be consulted, and their views listened too.

    Blog Date 19 March, 2018

  • Surviving on-call: tips for dental core trainees

    Georgina Kane shares her top tips on working on-call in a DCT hospital post.

    Blog Date 7 March, 2018

  • Students are the future of dentistry

    The outgoing BDSA president explains why dental students now, more than ever, need to get involved to help to guide and represent the profession.

    Blog Date 1 March, 2018

  • New year, big changes? Dental training reform

    Fundamental changes to dental training are being discussed - Harman Chahal gives his views, and we'd like to know what you think.

    Blog Date 20 December, 2017

  • Dental training reform - more questions than answers

    Health Education England has recently launched a review of dental training and education - BDA Policy Adviser Tom King considers what this means for the profession.

    Blog Date 27 October, 2017

  • Moving from DCT1 to DCT2: my journey

    In the latest instalment of her blog series, Surina Bhola talks about her transition from DCT1 to DCT2, and the importance of looking ahead in your career.

    Blog Date 28 September, 2017

  • Dentistry and diversity: a student dentist's view

    Zahra Haque has just started a dental degree this year and is the recipient of a Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship, which helps support students through mentoring and funding. Zahra tells us why she chose dentistry, and gives her thoughts on diversity in the profession.

    Blog Date 25 September, 2017

  • Does dentistry attract a diverse workforce?

    Tom King takes a look at a new report published by the IPR, focusing inequalities between ethnic minorities entering the professions and discusses how dentistry is faring in terms of attracting a diverse workforce.

    Blog Date 25 September, 2017

  • Using my dental skills to help others: volunteering in Argentina

    Ellen Johnson is the current President of Sheffield University Dental Students Society. She shares what it’s like to give up her time to volunteer to help disadvantaged children in Argentina with charity Todos Juntos.

    Blog Date 7 August, 2017

  • Top tips for your final year at dental school

    ​I'm starting this blog series in no man's land; not quite a foundation dentist yet, but certainly qualified.

    Blog Date 16 August, 2016

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