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'Pensions' Blog Posts

  • Dentists: are you exceeding your annual allowance for your pension?

    ​The sometimes forgotten issue of the financial implications of exceeding your annual allowance within your NHS Pension came up at a recent BDA "Preparing for Retirement" seminar, and it made me wonder how well informed many dentists are about it.

    Blog Date 20 August, 2018

  • Academic pensions: at a stalemate?

    An update on the issues facing the Universities Superannuation Scheme's financial difficulties and how this might impact on dentists working in universities signed-up to this pension scheme.

    Blog Date 8 August, 2018

  • How is the NHS Pension Scheme faring?

    Head of Pensions, Phil McEvoy takes a look at what the NHS Pension Scheme looks like today, as well as where he hopes it will be in the future.

    Blog Date 30 July, 2018

  • My pension has been squandered: the USS pension fiasco

    An academic dentist explains her personal frustrations about the fiasco of the USS pension scheme and how she feels this will be detrimental to encouraging the much needed staff into the academic sector.

    Blog Date 13 March, 2018

  • Getting your ducks in a row how changes to the state pension might affect dentists

    With news that the Government is proposing a change to the State Pension age from 67 to 68, our new Head of Pensions, Phil McEvoy, takes a look at how this, and other changes, may affect dentists and what you should do.

    Blog Date 2 August, 2017

  • Associates' pension tension: are you missing out?

    Paul Blaylock talks about our research looking into how many associates are enrolled in the NHS pension scheme, and encourages associates to consult BDA advice on saving for their retirement.

    Blog Date 16 December, 2015

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