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'Adults' Blog Posts

  • Counting the cost of tooth extractions

    Shocking figures showing the number of full mouth clearances of children under 10, have hit the headlines again. BDA Board Chair, Mick Armstrong, says it time for more than just words from Government, and demands more investment in NHS dentistry to help save young patients' teeth.

    Blog Date 4 December, 2018

  • Speaking out for dentistry in Wales

    Tom Bysouth explains why the future of NHS dentistry in Wales can no longer be taken for granted.

    Blog Date 3 October, 2018

  • Championing holistic patient care: a look at some recent research

    Jasdeep Brar takes a look a recent research paper on cancer patients who have received oral care pre-op, and summarises the findings. He explains why the study raises important points for dentists who are striving to ensure holistic patient care.

    Blog Date 26 September, 2018

  • NHS dental charges: Stoking a hostile environment

    How aggressive Government campaigning is sending the wrong signal to hard-to-reach patients.

    Blog Date 5 September, 2018

  • The state of teeth in Wales: is enough being done?

    Tom Bysouth explains why we need your help to make the case to Welsh Government that maintaining the status quo for dentistry is not enough.

    Blog Date 7 August, 2018

  • Dentistry at the start of the NHS: a patient's experience

    In 1957, a 15-year-old apprentice engineer went to get his teeth sorted - just as NHS dentistry was coming into being. Read his experience.

    Blog Date 10 July, 2018

  • Are new diet fads wrecking teeth?

    Health and fitness crazes and 'fad' diets can have a devasting impact on teeth. Here are some things to flag up to your patients to watch out for and some top tips to help keep their teeth in great shape.

    Blog Date 3 April, 2018

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