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​Computer forensics scam – potential cyber crime

26 September 2017


We have been made aware of a potential scam involving contact from what claims to be a computer forensics company with the right to remotely access patient records on behalf of the GDC.


The GDC have confirmed that this is not standard procedure and that any requests are unlikely to have been authorised by them. They have asked that any requests to access data in this way should always be checked with them first.


Therefore if you are contacted by any company requesting access to your computer software you should refuse the request.


Complying with this type of false request could mean unauthorised people access and abuse sensitive patient information.


It would also result in a serious data protection breach if access is granted by practices who wrongly believe they are acting in accordance with regulatory bodies.


Where such a request is found not to be legitimate, you should contact the police.


See our advice on protecting personal information.