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​Approval for pay uplift for salaried dentists welcomed but delays are unacceptable says BDA Northern Ireland

18 June 2019

BDA Northern Ireland has written formally to accept the Department of Health's pay uplift offer of 2% for 2018/19, for Salaried Dental Services staff, including Community Dental Services staff, to apply from 1 April 2018. 

This uplift is based on the DDRB recommendations for 2018/2019 of a 2% increase, following on from the lifting of the 1% public sector pay cap in 2018. As with previous years, the process has been subject to lengthy delays, which pre-date the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly. 

Whilst we welcome the approval of the DDRB recommended 2% increase by the Department of Health, the increase comes at a time when community dental services continue to be under a massive strain.  

We continue to express frustration in the delays with the process, which result in salaried dental services staff experiencing long waits for their pay uplifts, and create difficulties for forward planning for the service. 

Chair of the BDA Northern Ireland Salaried Dentists Committee, Grainne Quinn said:

“The 2% increase has been approved against a backdrop of enormous pressure in the Community Dental Services. Practitioners are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of caring for elderly, domicile and medically complex patients. Our service must be adequately funded and supported to ensure patients continue to receive the best, most appropriate treatment and dentists see the Community Dental Service as an attractive and viable opportunity for employment.”

We have called on the Department of Health to implement the increase as swiftly as possible, but the Department of Health have estimated September as the earliest date for implementation.

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