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​Capita fiasco – Write to your MP

Capita lettering 

Hundreds of dentists have been forced to stand idle for months without pay because of Capita's mismanagement of the National Performers List. You can help to ensure the subcontractors are finally held to account.

Since Capita took over the contract, waiting times to join the dental performers list in England have surged. We've heard from colleagues unable to meet mortgage payments, from dentists who have lost out on tens of thousands of pounds, from practices facing contract breach notices or even bankruptcy as they have struggled to fill vacancies as a result of Capita's failures.

We've worked to raise this issue in Parliament. Now MPs have tabled a motion demanding government take action. Can you get your MP to sign up? It will take just 5 minutes:

  • There is a template message below for you to use  – please make sure you include your full postal address as MPs need to know you are one of their constituents. If you or someone you know has been directly affected, it would be great if you could add a paragraph describing the experience
  • You can easily find your MP and send your message using the Write to Them website
  • When you receive a response, please forward a copy to:
Template Letter

Dear [name of your MP],

As a dentist living in your constituency, I am writing to raise with you the issue of Capita's mismanagement of the National Dental Performers List – a register of dentists who want to provide NHS services in England. While this might sound like a narrow administrative matter, it is having far reaching consequences for both dentists and patients.

The List used to be managed directly by NHS England, but its administration was contracted out to Capita alongside other Primary Care Support services in September 2015. Under the management of NHS England the average application turnaround time was about 6 weeks, but under Capita this has deteriorated markedly.

Hundreds of applicants, keen to start treating NHS patients, have been left waiting for months for their Performer Number to be issued, with the British Dental Association having reports of some waiting for over a year. Those dentists are unable to work and earn a living while their application is being processed. They have been left in limbo when they could and should be busy helping NHS patients.

This situation is not only extremely stressful and potentially financially devastating for the dentists affected, but it has also deprived hundreds of thousands of NHS patients of an opportunity to access dentistry services. It is a scandal that while many patients are unable to secure an appointment with an NHS dentist, hundreds of dentists are forced to sit idle due to an administrative failure. The BDA has heard from practices where the inability to fill vacancies has left them at risk of closure. If this problem is not resolved quickly, others may soon follow.

It is crucial that the Ministers and NHS England prioritise sorting out this issue as soon as possible and hold Capita to account for this woeful incompetence. I would appreciate if you could sign Early Day Motion 977 "Capita's management of the National Dental Performers' List", or – if you do not sign EDMs – write to Nicola Blackwood MP, the Health Minister responsible for this issue, to make her aware of my concerns. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[Name and surname]
[Full postal address]