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​Community Dental Services joint working forum re-established in Wales

27 January 2017

British Dental Association Wales is pleased to announced that it has re-established a joint working forum for the Community Dental Services (CDS), the Welsh Government and NHS employers.

The CDS joint forum is the recognised national negotiating body for community dentists in Wales and will meet biannually.

The BDA has worked hard to reinvigorate the forum, persuading the Chief Dental Officer and the Director of Workforce in the Welsh Government that it is only fair that community dentists in Wales should have their own national forum, and are represented in the same way as they are in the rest of the UK.

"It's great to have the forum on a firm footing again, with all the key players in community dentistry on board," said the chair of the committee of community dentists in Wales, David Johnston.  "We look forward to working constructively with the Welsh Government and NHS employers and ensuring our dentists' interests are represented."

One of the first tasks of the joint forum, which met in June and again in September 2016, was to publish the terms and conditions of service for the CDS in Wales.

The new document updates the terms and conditions originally adopted in 2008 to reflect legislative changes made since that time and is available on the NHS Confederation's website

About BDA Wales

BDA Wales and its elected committee members seek to improve conditions for the delivery of dental services across the country, negotiating directly with the Welsh Assembly Government.

Dentists working in Wales are represented through the Welsh Council, the Wales General Dental Practice Committee and the Wales Committee for Community De​ntistry.

We also seeks to influence other key-decision makers, including educational institutions, political parties and statutory, and non-statutory, organisations.