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Dental practices in Scotland: Duty of Candour deadline approaching 

27 March 2019


The BDA is reminding all dental practices in Scotland that they need to publish their Duty of Candour annual report as soon after 1 April 2019 as possible.

The report should be completed by the named 'responsible person' – if you are unsure of this, you can contact your local Health Board to determine who this is, as each board may have different arrangements. 

The purpose of the Duty of Candour procedure is to support the implementation of consistent responses across health, social work, and social care providers when there has been an incident that has resulted in unintended or unexpected harm that is not related to the course of the condition for which the person is receiving care.

BDA Expert Members can access our template to help produce your annual report.

This report must contain:


  • Details of the number and nature of Duty of Candour Incidents which occurred in the practice that year
  • An assessment of how the Duty of Candour procedures were carried out
  • Information about the practice's Duty of Candour policies and procedures, including both the procedures for identifying and reporting incidents and the support available to staff and patients affected by incidents
  • Information about any changes made to the above policies AFTER a duty of candour incident occurred
  • Any other information the responsible person feels is relevant

The report must not mention any person's name nor contain any information which might identify any person. 

The practice must publish the report in any way it thinks is appropriate – for example, this could be on their website or made readily available within the surgery.

Once the report has been published, the provider must send it to one of two places:


  • If the practice is wholly private, they must send it to Healthcare Improvement Scotland, using the eForms system; or
  • If the practice is running an NHS or mixed practice, you should email it to the Duty of Candour Lead within your relevant NHS Board.


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