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​England: Answers on NHS contract

21 April 2022

NHS England has confirmed a review at year-end will decide whether quarter one 2022/23 will be treated as a stand-alone period, or the full year of performance will be used to allow practices to make up delivery across the rest of the year. The approach will be decided on the basis of which is more helpful to the practice. If treating Q1 separately is advantageous to the practice, income protection for that period will be received at 95%, the variable cost adjustment of 12.75% will be applied, and no activity will be carried forward.

If this isn't the case and it is not favourable for the practice to treat Q1 as a separate period, the calculation of performance will be based on a whole year and no separate arrangements will apply. If you receive income protection you will be reminded to complete the Workforce Data Collection form and Year-End Declaration. 

Orthodontists who have delivered more than 100% of activity may carry forward a maximum of 2% applying to years 2021/22 and 2022/23.

In relation to the exceptional circumstances provisions applied in the previous financial year, NHS England have confirmed that these will not be extended into Q1. NHS England confirmed that any relevant lost activity due to a staff member testing positive for covid that impacted on a practice's ability to deliver to the NHS contract will be awarded based on sessions that were unable to be completed during 1 December 2021 to 31 March 2022.