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​Inspiring community dentists honoured and remembered

11 December 2017

This year's round of BDA Honours and Awards has recognised four inspiring community dentists for their contribution to the profession: Christine Arnold, Rosemary Rabin, Janine Doughty and Joy Harrild.


Christine Arnold: passionate advocate for community dentistry

Christine-Arnold-300px.pngChristine Arnold is awarded Life Membership of the BDA, in recognition of her long and valuable service, including her tireless commitment to engaging and supporting colleagues at a local level.

She qualified in 1979 in Manchester, and has worked in hospital and the community services. She has long been involved in her local branch activity, serving as Secretary to the BDA Manchester Section from 1980 to 1989.

Christine was CDS Group President from 2012-13, and has sat on our salaried and community committees, serving as a cross-rep to the Young Dentists Committee and the General Dental Practice Committee. In 2013, she organised a joint national conference on general anaesthetics for adult special care patients, with the Association of Dental Anaesthetists.

She has also worked with other external groups, such as Local Professional Networks, NHS Employers and national working parties, such 'conscious decision' and HTM 01-05. 

In nominating her, Gill Greenwood, Chair of the Community Dental Service Group Management Committee said:

"Christine has been an inspiration to many dentists during her 38 years of membership with the BDA. She's been instrumental in organising our local section activities and is well respected by younger colleagues, as a source of advice and support. She's a passionate advocate for community dentistry and has done so much over the years to ensure our voice is heard in both the local and national spheres."


Rosemary Rabin: priceless commitment to BDA Museum

Rosemary-Rabin-300px.jpgRosemary Rabin is awarded a BDA Certificate of Merit for her services to the BDA Museum and her long service to her profession and her patients.

Rosemary's career has spanned hospital, community dentistry, general dental practice, as well as working in dental public health. Always an advocate for her profession, she was instrumental in training dental hygienists at King's College London, as well as supporting the clinical training of overseas postgraduate students who were studying dental public health.

On her retirement in 2000, Rosemary volunteered for the BDA Museum, working to catalogue the George Cunningham lantern slide collection, which is now an internationally-recognised resource for researchers and historians.

She initiated the archiving of the dental health education posters and published several papers on topics relating to the history dental public health in BDA publications.

She has been an active member of the Museum team, helping on school visits, guided tours of the Museum and outreach and education events.

In nominating her, Margaret Wilson, Honorary Curator of the BDA Museum said:

"Rosemary has been a valuable and loyal BDA member throughout her career: working as a community dentist, she provided treatment to some of the most vulnerable patients in one of the most deprived areas of London. Rosemary is now also the longest-serving volunteer at the BDA Museum and her ongoing personal commitment to its work, and the collection has been priceless."


Janine Doughty: young dentist speaking up for vulnerable

janine-doughty-300px.jpgJanine Doughty is awarded a BDA Certificate of Merit for going above and beyond as a young dentist, from the very earliest stage of her career. She has been instrumental in reinvigorating the BDA East Midlands Young Dentists Group and is an advocate for developing dental and oral health promotion services for people experiencing social exclusion.

Janine graduated from Bristol in 2010 and decided to follow a career path in community dentistry, achieving academic speciality training status at an early stage in her career. Most recently, she has been awarded the prestigious National Institute for Healthcare Research Doctoral Research Fellowship to undertake a feasibility study implementing point of care HIV testing for vulnerable populations in dental settings across London.

Her passion for helping others, has led her to speak at national conferences on treating homeless and vulnerable patients, as well as sharing her career experience at the BDA's Careers Day, highlighting the work of the community dental service, speciality training, and the benefits of volunteering, to foundation dentists.

Janine also offers her time to mentor young dentists in the early stages of their careers and has supported foundation dentists in undertaking oral health promotional activities for people in supported living. 

In 2016, Janine, in collaboration with Health Education East Midlands, organised the first ever national conference to highlight the inequalities in oral health faced by people experiencing social exclusion; the conference secured a wide range of high-profile speakers, including a representative from the Office of the England Chief Dental Officer.

Her volunteering work includes the role of Deputy Service Manager and shift leader for Crisis at Christmas and Inclusion Dentistry Fellow for the Pathway Homeless Healthcare Charity. In 2017, Janine facilitated the pilot collaboration of the Crisis at Christmas Dental Service and DenTech charity to provide a denture service for people experiencing homelessness at Christmas time.

She has recently travelled to Copenhagen, New Orleans and Boston, to understand the models of homeless dental care there and to share best practice and learning back in the UK. Her commitment to growing and expanding her knowledge base, and in sharing with those around her, is exemplary.

In nominating her for the Award, Sami Stagnell, Vice-Chair of the BDA Young Dentist Committee said:

"Janine is a true force of nature, her unwavering commitment to her patients, as well as her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge and encouraging younger members of the profession to step up, is truly inspiring."

"She is an exceptional individual and we have used her experience of running a successful Young Dentists Group as a best practice example, to encourage others. Her work supporting and furthering outcomes for vulnerable patients is tireless and we are lucky to have such a passionate, dedicated and hardworking dentist speaking up for vulnerable patients and encouraging us all to do more."


Joy Harrild: enthusiasm for her profession

joy-harrild-300px.jpgCommunity dentist, Joy Harrild has been posthumously awarded a BDA Certificate of Merit, for her enthusiasm and contribution to the profession. 

Joy graduated from Birmingham in 2013 with honours and clinical distinction and after completing dental core training, she joined the community dental service in Cambridgeshire.

She was an active member of the YDC from its inception in 2015, and contributed to a range of issues affecting young dentists. She also served as a cross-representative to the BDA English Community Dental Services Committee. She was also a dedicated member of the British Society of Disability and Oral Health and the Faculty of General Dental Practice.

Joy's life was tragically cut short by a car accident in 2016. She is remembered by colleagues as a professional and gifted dentist, who was kind and popular with her patients.


In nominating Joy for the Award, Harman Chahal, Chair of the Young Dentists Committee said:

"Joy was a diligent and committed member of our committee, whose contributions were thoughtful, considered and informed by her compassionate and caring nature. Her loss was a great shock and she is very sadly missed. We wanted to commemorate her contribution to the profession through the new BDA Young Dentist Award, but also recognise her passion and commitment, by nominating her for a BDA Honour and Award."


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