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NHS Charges: Set the record straight

27 November 2020


NHS charges: sad patients 


Patient charges in England will rise by 5% on 14 December 2020. If you treat NHS patients, we want to help you set the record straight on who benefits from this increase.


The revenue raised by this increase doesn’t go to dentists. It will do nothing to help the practices struggling or the millions of patients unable to secure an appointment.


Ministers are simply making our patients pay more so they can pay less.


What you can do:

  • PUT UP THIS POSTER Display in your practice alongside official posters on pricing.
  • SHARE IT  Take a photo and share images with us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Help us expose the #TaxOnTeeth. Please help us share this message on your social media channels:


During a global pandemic - when access to services remains so limited - Ministers have decided to give patients more reasons not to attend with another inflation-busting hike.


These hikes are never a substitute for sustained government investment.