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NHS uplift and associates' pay: GDPC position updated 

21 July 2020

The General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) encourages all dental practices to discuss with their associates their contractual arrangements following news of an NHS uplift.

The GDPC fully recognises that dental practice income has been under enormous pressure for a number of years and that the last few months have been even more trying, so therefore any decision on pay increases for associates will inevitably reflect local business circumstances and will be a matter for direct negotiation between the parties.


However, the GDPC would expect practices to recognise that associate income has also declined significantly in real terms over the last decade, and to reflect this pay award in associate pay wherever possible.  


Dave Cottam, Chair of the General Dental Practice Committee said: 


“Today’s announcement of an above-inflation uplift to NHS contracts in England is some welcome news amid an incredibly difficult period for most practice finances, and, coming as it does, after a prolonged period of pay cuts for dentists.


“Due to the NHS contractual arrangements in England and Wales, the DDRB recommendation and the uplift do not directly apply to associate pay in England and Wales. However, associates might reasonably look to the award for an indication of an expected uplift in their own income. Practice owners and associates are encouraged to discuss their contractual arrangements in light of the NHS uplift.” 


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