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​New regulations for dentists in Northern Ireland using x-ray equipment

5 March 2018

We have been notified by the Health and Safety Executive in Northern Ireland (HSENI) that all dentists using x-ray generations in the country, must register under the new regulations.

IRR17 has replaced IRR99 and introduces a three-point risk-based system of regulatory control – "notification" (for low level risk activities), "registration" (for the operation of radiation generators) and "consent" (for the highest risks).

General dental practitioners use x-ray generators, so are required to apply in the "register" category.

You need to apply even if you have previously told HSE that you work with ionising radiation.

To do this, you need to fill out the IRRNI17 questionnaire form; you need to "register" (pages 1-4) and ignore the "notify" and "consent" parts of the form.

Once complete, you need to email your form to:

Frequently asked questions

We understand that:

  • The person responsible for the provision of dentistry as the practice has to register – it does not involve associates having to register, as they are deemed to be "employed" for these purposes;
  • If the practice is part of a wider organisation, the overall owning body will be the one responsible for registering;
  • Entities with more than one site will need to state how many sites are involved and the number of employees (including include self-employed dentists and all other staff), so you should tick the box that gives the spread of the number of your practices;
  • The HSENI only require one registration (the exact number of sites is not a major concern and one address will suffice for their records/contact needs);
  • If you operate as two separate entities (e.g. as a limited company and a sole trader) and you share one set of radiation equipment, the HSENI would require two registrations, as the fact that they share equipment would be irrelevant.
  • Some Northern Ireland dental practices may wish to have a registration certificate for their individual practice. Where that is the case, each practice should apply individually to HSENI.

  • There is no charge for practices to register.
  • For those who have missed the 5 February deadline, there is still time to register and HSENI are urging dentists to do this asap.

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