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​Recall of Emerade autoinjector

16 December 2019


There has been a general recall of Emerade autoinjectors, as there could be an activation fault occurring in temperatures above 25°C.


Healthcare professionals are to stop supplying them immediately, quarantine all remaining stock and return it to the supplier. Stocks held by pharmacies should not be subject to the recall as they will have been stored in the correct conditions. However, even though these will not be recalled, this does not mean that they will be available for emergencies in dental surgeries.


The ongoing advice during this current shortage remains – that is that adrenaline ampoules should be used in these situations, rather than AAIs.


All healthcare professionals – including dentists – who provide services where anaphylaxis treatment may be required should have the competency to draw up and administer intramuscular adrenaline from ampoules with a normal syringe and needle.


Therefore, when a dental practice is renewing its adrenaline in the emergency drugs kit, they are asked to stock ampoules and not AAIs, as there is currently no shortage of adrenaline ampoules.


Additional advice to dentists on the use of adrenaline in response to anaphylaxis is provided in the Green Book (page 60 onwards) and by the Resuscitation Council.


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