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​Scotland: Financial support announced for Vocational Dental Practitioners (VDPs)

19 August 2020


We're pleased to see the Scottish Government take note of the concerns we raised on behalf of Vocational Dental Practitioners (VDPs), and welcome their decision to provide additional financial support for VDPs moving to associate position, and for vocational trainers.


We had raised concerns about the funding package available to VDPs in Scotland {link to earlier article} and the financial consequences they faced should they move to an associate position at the end of their VDP year in August 2020. The latest PSD FAQs (30 July 2020) state that in most circumstances any COVID-19 top-up payment will no longer be payable to a VDP taking on a dental list in August. Instead, there will be an equivalent VDP top-up to the VDP salary.
After raising these issues with the CDO and his team, we have now been informed that they will announce revised financial support measures for completing VDPs moving to their first associate position (replacing an outgoing associate) next week. In these circumstances VDPs may now receive either the value of the VDP salary, or 80% of the monthly average of their item of service payments for the period August 2019 to February 2020 inclusive, whichever is greater. Capitation and continuing care payments will also be paid as appropriate.


In addition, Scottish Government has aligned the NHS financial support for trainers who are new or returning to training with existing vocational trainers. This means that for existing trainers they will receive 80 per cent of the average monthly item of service payments for the period 2019/20 associated with their vocational training number.
These young dentists are the future of the profession and we're pleased to see our work help alleviate some of the financial stress they're under.