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​Support to manage your NHS clawback

21 March 2023

Many practices across England and Wales are facing significant clawback which is set to reach record highs this year. Practices have struggled to meet contractual UDAs due to a host of external factors including staff absences and the recruitment crisis currently facing NHS dentistry.

Our new video explains how you can manage the clawback process, which occurs for any NHS contractors failing to reach at least 96% of their contracted target. In some cases, this can result in thousands of pounds of clawback.


For some contractors, a certain level of clawback is inevitable. However, if you anticipate struggling with underperformance in the new financial year you could consider negotiating a rebasing of your contract. We are here to support you with advice on managing clawback for your NHS contract no matter what position your practice is in.

Our advice on NHS dentistry in England and Wales  covers underperformance and the NHS and business advice team are available to offer Extra and Expert members one-to-one support based on your individual circumstances. You can call 020 7935 0875 or email the team for support.