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​World Oral Health Day: highlighting the impact of sugar on oral health

17 March 2017


The BDA will be supporting World Oral Health Day this Monday 20 March, and is encouraging dentists to highlight to patients the impact sugary food and drinks can have on their teeth, and their livelihood.

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is an initiative from the World Dental Federation (FDI), of which the BDA is a member, and we actively work with the organisation on a range of issues.

WOHD is an international day which celebrates the benefits of a healthy mouth and promotes awareness of a good oral health routine: this year's theme is 'Live mouth smart'.

The BDA is leading on calls for radical action to lower the nation's sugar intake, with measures ranging from lowering the recommended daily allowance, through to action on marketing, labelling and sales taxes.

Poor oral health can also affect job prospects, as BDA research has highlighted, our survey showed that 77% of people felt that decayed or bath teeth could hinder a candidate's chances of getting a job in public or client-facing roles.

Independent studies have also shown oral health problems can have a lasting impact on children's school readiness, impair their nutrition, development, and ability to socialise with other children.

More than a quarter of teenagers say they are too embarrassed to smile or laugh due to the condition of their teeth.

The BDA has called for government action to break the link between tooth decay and deprivation.

Dentist Susie Sanderson highlights the shocking issue of tooth decay and reminds patients to be kind to their teeth this World Oral Health Day in this short video:


What can dentists do?

The most important message dentists can give parents is to remember that it is not just the amount of sugar children eat or drink that causes tooth decay, but how often they have sugary foods and drinks.

  1. You can download the FDI's World Oral Health Day toolkit, which features information and advice on getting involved in the day, including customisable posters, infographics and social media branded headers
  2. Our top tips on sugar and children's oral health are focused on helping raise awareness amongst your patients and promoting a positive oral health regime.
  3. Tell us what you are doing: tweet us @thebda use #WOHD17 on Twitter or email to tell us what has worked in your practice to get the message across.

About the BDA

Through policy and campaigning work, the BDA is able to ensure that the concerns of all sections of the profession are raised and that dentists' voices are heard at a national level: join us.

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