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​Changes to the Performers List for England

04 November 2019


Primary Care Support England (PCSE) will launch a new service from December that will make it quicker and easier for all new Dental Performers to apply to join the Performers List for England, as well as allowing existing performers to submit and track changes. Existing Perfomers will also begin receiving their registration details by email from 2 December. 


Any dentist offering primary care in an NHS setting is required to be registered on the National Performers List. The list provides an extra layer of reassurance for the public that GPs, dentists and opticians practising in the NHS are suitably qualified, have up to date training, have appropriate English language skills and have passed other relevant checks such as with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and the NHS Litigation Authority.


For ophthalmic performers, the service went live on 30 September 2019, with both new applicants and existing performers applications now being successfully processed online.


The service is available 24/7, is intuitive and guides users through the application process, allowing them to upload documentation directly into PCSE online. Information is validated prior to submission, reducing the number of rejections and speeding up the process. Performers are also able to track the status of their application online.


What performers need to do

Existing performers will begin receiving their user registration details by email from 2 December. This will enable them to access PCSE Online for Performer List services. PCSE will be using NHS BSA registered email addresses listed in Compass for user registration so please ensure your email address is up to date.


More information will become available over the coming weeks in the form of further articles, as well as user guides, an updated website and details of how to ask questions about the new service.


Details of how to access the system will be available closer to launch.


For updates on the latest transformation news, visit the PCSE website and keep an eye out for PCSE's Dental Bulletin.


06 February 2020

If you haven't yet received your registration information, don't worry. It's possible that you're part of a group of dentists who do not yet have a unique email address on record, which is required so that you can be sent your individual registration information. 

A unique email address is one that is used by a single individual. If your record contains an address that’s not unique, and is linked to other dentists’ records, you will not yet be able to use PCSE Online. An example of a non-unique email would be: 

An example of a unique email address, however, would be: At the moment you will not be able to change your registered email address, but PCSE is currently working on alternative ways to contact you to provide guidance, so that you can take advantage of the new service as soon as possible.