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​Ask your MP to support decisive action on sugar

10 December 2015

The BDA needs your help in asking your MP to support decisive action to end Britain's addiction to sugar.

You can do this in three easy steps:

  • Find out who your MP is and how to contact them at
  • Use the template letter below – or if you prefer explain why you think it's important in your own words
  • Please send a copy of your email/letter and the MP's response to us at, so we can collate all replies and follow them up.

Template letter

Dear XX MP,

As a constituent and a dentist, I am writing to you to ask for your help and support in tackling Britain's addiction to sugar.

In the UK, we eat twice the recommended daily amount of sugar, with the average Brit consuming a shocking 140 teaspoons every week. Britain is addicted to sugar and we are all paying the price. Excess sugar consumption ruins not only our health and teeth, but also places a huge and avoidable burden on our NHS. Tooth decay is the leading cause of hospital admissions among young children, with preventable hospital-based extractions costing our health service £30 million every year. The fact that almost half the children have dental decay by the time they turn 15 is nothing short of a national scandal.

My colleagues in the British Dental Association and I want to see real leadership on the sugar crisis, and no option, from lowering the recommended daily allowance, through to action on marketing, labelling and sales taxes should be ruled out.  

I would be very grateful if you could please sign the Early Day Motion 782 tabled by Geraint Davies MP which calls for clear labelling of the content of added sugar in food and drinks expressed visually as spoonfuls of sugar. The Motion also seeks a ban on the marketing of high sugar products as 'low fat', masquerading them as healthy. I believe these simple measures would make it much easier for people to make informed choices about what they eat and drink, and reduce the amount of sugar they eat.

I would also appreciate if you would consider joining the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dentistry and Oral Health, which brings together Parliamentarians interested in improving the nation's dental and oral health. If you want to join the Group, please contact its Chair, Sir Paul Beresford MP.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,