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​BDA launches free mediation service for associateship disputes

1 June 2017

From 1 June 2017 all BDA members will have access to free mediation services to help resolve associateship disputes, potentially saving them the time and cost of a court case.

The service will be available to BDA members at every level from Essential through to Expert, subject to terms and conditions. Both of the parties taking part must be members and must be willing to participate in the mediation.

Mediation involves an independent, impartial person helping parties to resolve conflict. In cases where there is an on-going relationship, mediation can prevent the breakdown of that relationship and help the parties work together more effectively. It can help people to agree solutions to problems that a judge would not be able to impose. You'll get options about how to find a way forward with the issue, and forge communication where there often is none.

Where the commercial relationship is beyond repair or has already ended, it allows the parties to agree terms to conclude the relationship so they can both move on quickly and with some certainty.

Parties are generally more satisfied with solutions that they have arrived at themselves during mediation, as opposed to what is imposed by a third party decision-maker.

Expert members will continue to have access to free mediation services for a wider range of disputes with other BDA Expert members and non-dentist members of practice staff. All mediation provision is subject to the matter being judged suitable for mediation, and subject to the terms of the Association's policy on the provision of mediation services and signed terms of mediation.

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