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​BDA launches new UDA checker tool

 3 February 2020


The BDA has launched a new tool to enable General Dental Practitioners (GDPs) in England to check Unit of Dental Activity (UDA) values in their area.


The UDA Checker is based on analysis of publicly available data from the NHS Business Services Authority, and allows GDPs to compare a contract's UDA values to the average from their local area, NHS Area Team and the national average.


The tool enables members to: 


  • Check important information about their contract and contracts in their area;
  • Easily compare contracts to other similar contracts in a postcode and NHS area;
  • Access key information when negotiating a personal UDA rate or dealing with NHS commissioners on issues around contract delivery, UDA values, and recruitment and retention.

The tool is available to all BDA members.


Chair of the BDA's General Dental Practice Committee, Dave Cottam, said:


"We've set out to create a tool for all GDPs. For the Associate who needs to know the parameters when negotiating on UDA values. For the owner who needs to be better equipped in difficult conversations with commissioners.


"The UDA is a broken system. But for as long as it remains common currency we believe all dentists should know the facts, and where they stand.


"Sunlight is the best medicine. We're putting information tucked away on government websites into the hands of members, to help them seek real improvements in their working lives."


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