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Financial Support measures a vital 'lifeline' to NI dental practices

20 March 2020

The BDA has welcomed the announcement of a financial support scheme by Department of Health designed to support practices remain financially sustainable over the disruption caused by COVID-19.


Measures announced take effect from March 2020, with individual practices having the option of applying for support payments to stabilise their Item of Service income for each month, and through to the end of the outbreak. Additional support payments will be made to cover any shortfall in IoS income, to be based on the equivalent month in 2019. Support payments will be abated by 20% to take account of variable costs not incurred.


This announcement follows a frenetic week where dental practices have had to apply restrictive new measures severely limiting the ability to provide routine dentistry.


Richard Graham, Chair of NIDPC said:


“This last week has been the most turbulent time in dentistry. Throughout these events, BDA has fought hard on behalf of the whole dental profession to ensure health service committed dental practices, practitioners and their staff have a future. We believe this package achieves this.


“In response to these measures, we have felt it entirely appropriate that we offer whatever services we can to support the Health Service effort to manage the unfolding pandemic in conjunction with our Health Service colleagues.


“We recognise there are still many issues that will need to be worked out over the coming days. Be assured, your Union will continue to support you over the coming weeks to navigate whatever unfolds. We will get through this - together.”


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