​Northern Ireland Council

The Northern Ireland Council is an umbrella group consisting of representatives from the various 'craft committees' (NISDC and NIDPC) and the Northern Ireland Branch of the Association. The role of the NI Council is to consider all matters relating to dentistry, especially concerning Northern Ireland. The matters which fall under its remit include wider professional issues beyond the interests of the various 'crafts', such as European and International dental issues, undergraduate and postgraduate dental education and ethical and workforce issues. The NI Council of the Association represent a repository of knowledge and expertise on all aspects of dentistry particularly in Northern Ireland.

NI Council meetings

NI Council meets three times per year. Download the reports of the previous meetings to find out what was discussed.

NIC - October 2017

NIC - June 2017

Who we are

The current structure of Northern Ireland Council is:

  • Three Northern Ireland Branch members (elected)

  • Chair of Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee

  • Chair of Northern Ireland Salaried Dentists Committee

  • President of the BDA Northern Ireland Branch

  • Chair of the Hospitals Group, Northern Ireland Division

  • Chair of the Young Dentists Group, Northern Ireland Division

  • PEC Chair and Vice Chair (Ex-officio)

  • PEC member elected from Northern Ireland (Ex-officio)

Members are elected for three-year terms. The current NI Council triennium runs from 2018-2020. The current Chair of NI Council is Roz McMullan and the Vice Chair is Richard Graham.

Get in touch

To get in touch with your representatives please contact NorthernIrelandOffice@bda.org