​Northern Ireland Council


What we do

The Northern Ireland Council serves an i​​mportant function, considering and highlighting all matters relating to dentistry, especially concerning Northern Ireland. The NI DPC, NI SDC and NI Branch Council all feed in to NI Council; through reporting and the attendance of cross representatives. This ensures the concerns of all dental practitioners, from every area of dentistry are represented.

Northern Ireland Council works in conjunction with other national BDA committees to ensure work is coordinated and a coherent message is delivered on behalf of the dental community.

Committee meetings

Northern Ireland Council usually meets twice yearly, to find out more, read reports of previous meetings here.

Who we are

The current structure of Northern Ireland Council is:

  • Three Northern Ireland Branch members (elected)

  • Chair of Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee (ex-officio)

  • Chair of Northern Ireland Salaried Dentists Committee (ex-officio)

  • Any PEC member residing in Northern Ireland (ex-officio)

Members are elected for three-year terms. The current NI Council triennium runs from 2015-2018. NI Council provide the link between the BDA's membership and the policy decisions taken on their behalf. The current Chair of NI Council is Roz McMullan and the Vice Chair is Richard Graham.

To get in touch with your representatives please contact NorthernIrelandOffice@bda.org