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Managing your career

cf-dentist-nurse-02As a dentist, there are various ways in which you can manage and steer your career. Once you have qualified you are able to transfer and develop between several spheres of practice. You could work in salaried service, such as the armed forces, the community, hospital or academia. Or, after you have completed your DFT/VT year you could become a self-employed associate and work within an established practice.

Once you have gained more experience as a dentist you may decide to set up your own practice. This can be done by becoming a partner of a practice, buying a practice or establishing your own. How you develop that practice is completely your decision, whether you decide to specialise in Endodontics or Aesthetics - the choice is yours.

The great advantage of dentistry is that it’s a profession you can take all over the world. It is possible to bring your skills to the UK from abroad, alternatively, as a UK trained dentist, you can take your qualification and move around the world.

The BDA can supply expert advice on all areas within the dental profession and have advice notes to help you make the right career choices.