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2017/18 foundation training salary confirmed

We are pleased to confirm that the salary for the 2017/18 foundation dentists in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been confirmed as £31,355. Not only does this mean that the salary has not been reduced as feared, but that a one per cent pay rise has been implemented as per the most recent Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body recommendation.

In 2013/14 the Department of Health consulted on reducing the salary by £2,000. We mounted a strong campaign of opposition to these proposals, opposing any cut and threatening legal action against this move. The Department of Health retreated from the proposal around the time of the commencement of DFT in September 2014, so we are pleased to hear that FD pay has been increased in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This is great news for the 2017/18 graduates, but it is important to make graduates of future years aware of the distinct possibility that a further review of the DFT salary is due to take place. We are keeping a very close eye on this issue and will fight the corner for young dentists if and when such proposals are made.

To help final year students prepare for interview, we have again produced our
Getting your first job guide and will visit all UK dental schools before mid-November with our 'making the right impression' preparation lectures for the assessment day. In addition to the lectures we are also running our DFT interview skills workshop in London.

Paul Blaylock

BDA Students Committee Chair

Updated 29 January 2018

Other news

  • We have successfully campaigned for the timing of Dental Foundation Training assessments to be retained in the autumn term of the final year.
  • September 2016. FD pay for 2016/17 confirmed as £31,044. This includes a 1% increase.
  • April 2016. For FD pay, last year the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) recommended NHS Employers and the BDA undertake a job matching exercise to agree suitable pay for DFTs once the junior doctors' contract negotiations had finished. We have recently discovered that the new junior doctors contract has set FY2 doctors pay at £30,000. This is about £1,000 below the current FD salary in England. We now anticipate an approach from the Department of Health and a job matching exercise to take place. We hope that nothing will be imposed before the 2017/18 FD year.
  • February 2015. Threat to student bursaries. Recent media coverage has suggested that the Government plans to cut bursaries for student doctors and dentists. We have warned Government it risks shutting students from poorer backgrounds out of healthcare professions. In partnership with other healthcare organisations, we are closely monitoring the situation.
  • September 2015. DFT salaries will be reviewed for 2016 graduates. We anticipate the Department of Health will release a consultation some time around Spring 2016, to which we will respond on our members behalf. We anticipate a pay announcement in summer 2016, prior to graduates starting work.
  • February 2015. We have submitted a robust response to the Review Body on Doctors' and Dentist's Remuneration (DDRB) outlining that there is no justification for a pay cut to graduate salaries.
  • COPDEND announced that there are 76 final year students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on the 2015 DFT reserve list.
  • December 2014. Survey results announced to assess levels of recruitment amoung FDs/VDPs and understand their experiences of finding their first post after completing DFT/VT.
  • Our Student Manifesto has now been launched. This outlines the priorities for the Student Committee.
  • February 2014: The BDA's Final Year Student Debt survey can be found here.