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BDSA Committee


The BDSA is made up of an Executive Committee plus two BDA Representatives from each of the UK dental schools. 

BDSA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee contains five members and is responsible for managing the activities of the BDSA and the BDA Student Committee. Each member is voted in at the Annual General Meeting which takes place at the BDSA conference

Executive committee roles:

President - Oversees the activities of the executive committee, plus Vice Chair of BDA Student Committee 

Secretary - Organises the annual BDSA Sports Day

Conference Organiser - Responsible for organising the BDSA annual conference

Communications Officer - Responsible for all BDSA communications, including BDJ Student articles

Treasurer - Manages the BDSA finances and is responsible for claiming subs from each school.

To run for the position of BDSA President, Communications Officer or Treasurer, students must have previously been a BDA Representative. All other Executive Committee positions are open to any UK dental student.

For more information about the roles and how to apply, download the BDSA Executive Committee role descriptions below:

BDSA President - role description, March 2019.pdf

BDSA Secretary - role description, March 2019.pdf

BDSA Communication Officer - role description, March 2019.pdf

BDSA Treasurer - role description, March 2019.pdf

Local BDA Representatives

In addition to the Executive Committee, each UK dental school has two BDA Student Representatives: a Junior and a Senior. They are known as 'BDA reps'. 

The reps are elected in a variety of ways depending on individual dental schools. Normally the position is available at annual Dental Society elections with reps holding office for two years; initially classed as Junior, then progressing to Senior.

Roles of the local BDA representatives:​

  • Act as the BDA and BDSA school student contact
  • Canvas opinions on matters discussed at BDA Student Committee and BDSA meetings
  • Publicise BDA and BDSA events
  • Approach the BDSA Executive about matters of student concern.
  • Promote BDA membership.
BDA reps attend BDA Student Committee meetings and BDSA meetings twice a year in London (expenses paid). These reps have two roles, first to sit on the BDA Student Committee and carry out political work, and secondly to work as your BDSA rep to help arrange your national social events.

For more information about the roles and how to apply, download the BDA Representative role description below: