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​Your career: making the right choice

To help you with your f
uture career choices, we’re visiting your dental school to give an in-depth careers lecture to fourth year students.

Who is speaking?

There are three speakers delivering this lecture series:

  • Peter Dyer, BDA President 2017-18 and Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Professor Nairn Wilson CBE, former Dean of Kings Dental Institute and BDA President 2015-16
  • Dr Richard Birkin, BDA Head of Advice Liaison and Development, former GDP and Clinical Policy Advisor

How will the lecture help me?

The lecture will give you an insight into your future career options and how changing patient demographics may affect your career choices.
  • Overview of your dental career options
  • Routes in to each career pathway
  • Case studies from experienced practitioners
  • Patient demographics and the future of dentistry
  • How changing patient demographics may affect your career choices

"Students in my year found it very informative. A lot of them didn't realise there were as many career options open to them post-graduation."

Rachel Goldsmith, Glasgow Dental School

Do I need to book?

No, there's no need to book, just arrive on time. The lecture is open to both members and non-members. As lectures for 2017/18 are booked in, they will be added to the timetable below.

Further help

The BDA's Career ​​Guide is the supporting material for this lecture. It includes useful advice from experienced dentists who give their opinions on a range of careers, a detailed overview on different career paths, plus tips for succeeding in your chosen career. Copies of the new guide were posted out to fourth year student members in autumn 2017.

If you are not a member and would like a copy you can join in the lecture, online or over the phone on 020 7563 4550.

Student membership is only £2.34 a month or £28 a year. New members get other benefits too.


Dental SchoolDateStart TimeEnd Time
Aberdeen20 Feb 201813301430
Bart's 23 May 201809001000
Belfast19 Jan 201812301300
Birmingham22 Nov 201812001300
Bristol15 Feb 201809001000
Cardiff25 Oct 20​1709001000
Dundee31 Aug 201713001400
Glasgow4 Jan 201715001600
Leeds28 Nov 201717001800
Kings14 Feb 201809001000
Manchester2 May 201713301530
Newcastle7 March 201812301330
Peninsula26 April 201817001800
Sheffield27 Sept 201717151830
UCLan8 Mar 20181200​​​​​​​1300