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Fair pay and contracts

Industrial action

We campaign for fair pay for all dentists, from negotiating with UK Governments to organising strike action when other routes have been exhausted. Find out about upcoming industrial action and how you can participate.
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Fair pay and contracts

Contract reform

Dentists across the UK are working to NHS contracts that are not fit for purpose. We are leading the case for change, in formal negotiations, and in our campaign work.
Four dentists stand outside a political party conference in front of a sign saying 'NHS dentistry isn't working'

Our committees

Our committees lead the development of our policies with different groups focusing on specific areas of dentistry. By working with UK Governments, we can improve the policies that govern dentistry.

  • We fight to ensure you are properly rewarded for the work you do
  • We lead the call for effective and efficient dental regulation
  • We believe that prevention is better than cure, and press for changes in policy and practice to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities
  • We stand up for you, so you can deliver the very best care for your patients
  • We are there for you at every stage in your career.

Dentists are critical to the health of the nation and we want to see better oral health for all.

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Together we are stronger

Representing you

We listen when members speak up and believe we are collectively stronger when the whole dental community works together. From spreading the word on socials to joining our committees and leadership teams, find out how you can help us improve dentistry across the UK.

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