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The problem

Regulation exists to protect the public. But for many years the reality has been drawn out, adversarial investigations resulting in a culture of fear, while fuelling the growth of 'defensive dentistry'.

The solution

We back the principles outlined by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) for 'right-touch' regulation: proportionate, consistent, targeted, transparent, accountable, and agile. We have seen improvements, but there remain real concerns about performance and continuing lack of transparency from our regulator.

Our impact

We want to see the GDC improve in a way that the PSA's principles are met. After many years of pressure, the GDC reduced its ARF for dentists for 2020-2022, and the increase for 2023 was less than feared.

We made the case for payments of the ARF to be made in instalments. Now in place, it will help to ease the financial burden particularly for recent graduates, who are faced with elevated levels of debt on graduating.

We pressed for action on the huge backlogs for the Overseas Registration Exam that built up over lockdown and places for Part 1 were increased in 2023.