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The Government has failed to make meaningful progress in negotiations with the BMA. We are therefore re-balloting hospital dental trainee members in England from 8 January to 21 February in order to extend our mandate for industrial action, should we need to call for it.

Upcoming industrial action

There is no strike action planned for hospital dental trainees in England at present.

Please note that we are not calling on hospital dental trainee members to join junior doctor strike action from 24 – 28 February, because we cannot legally do so.

Legislation requires that we renew our mandate for strike action every six months, and our current mandate expires on 21 February 2024. Legislation also requires that we notify your employers that we will be calling for strike action 14 days before that strike action takes place.

We are currently running a re-ballot of our members to renew our mandate for strike action for another six months, but we will not have this new mandate until 21st February. This means that we will not have the 14 days needed to provide notice ahead of strike action on 24 February. We therefore cannot legally call for you to participate in this strike.

We sincerely apologise for any frustration caused by this news. We understand the importance of showing solidarity with our counterparts at the BMA and have always endeavoured to unite with them in strike action that has taken place previously. It is unfortunate that, as a result of strict government legislation, it will not be possible to do so on this occasion.

Please be aware that, if you do choose to go on strike on these dates, it will be classed as unofficial action and you will not be protected from dismissal.



Frequently asked questions

If you have recently joined the BDA and you are employed by one of the Trusts listed above, please contact [email protected].

If non-members take action on the dates the BDA takes action it will not be classed as official action and the dentist in question may find themselves facing action from their employers.

If you would like to be included in any future action, join the BDA.

Hospital dentists are employed on the same contract as their medical colleagues. Any action we take will coincide with that being taken by the BMA.

Clinical academics often work alongside hospital colleagues, but the key difference is that they are employed on University contracts of employment and have an honorary hospital status. At the moment it is only trainees directly employed by Trusts on substantive trainee contracts who are taking action.