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The problem

Oral cancer claims more lives each year than car accidents, and dentists are often the first health professionals to spot the telltale signs. Sadly, ongoing access problems mean that many cases are going undetected until it is too late.

The solution

Early detection is key. We work to ensure patients can secure access to life saving check-ups. Public awareness of oral cancer is also very low, so we share information to increase the knowledge of this life changing condition.

Our impact

We have helped to win the argument to extend protection from the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) to school aged boys. This disease has been fuelling a surge in oral cancer cases. A gender-neutral vaccine programme began in 2019.

Tools and support

We have developed an oral cancer toolkit in partnership with Cancer Research UK, to help dental health professionals identify and refer possible cases of oral cancer. The toolkit includes information on the signs to look out for, how to respond, as well as possible risk factors, and includes a CPD quiz, with three hours of verifiable CPD.



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