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The problem

Tooth decay remains the number one reason for hospital admissions among young children: the result of a toxic food environment.

The solution

We champion measures ranging from lowering the recommended daily allowance, through to action on marketing, labelling, and sales taxes, and supervised tooth brushing schemes for younger children, all to help prevent tooth decay.

Our impact

The Sugar levy, has removed over 45,000 tonnes of sugar from soft drinks since its inception in 2018. We have lifted the lid on baby food manufacturers marketing products containing more sugar than Coca Cola to toddlers. We continue to press for strong mandatory measures to reign in industry, in place of ineffective voluntary initiatives.

Tools and support

No Child left Behind


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Craving freedom from sugar addiction on-demand webinar

Food addiction coach, Dr Bunmi Aboaba, looks at how best to support patients to quit sugar for good, with the basic science of five proven methods. She explores the neuroscience of addiction and reasons it can be so difficult to quit.