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Our HR, practice management, and business consultants will listen to your dilemma and design a plan to deal with the issues.  

Save yourself time and money. Delegate your HR to us. 

We can conduct nearly all employee-related meetings that you might need to do yourself such as: 

  • An employment disciplinary or disciplinary appeal meeting 
  • An employment grievance or grievance appeal meeting 
  • An employment capability meeting or capability appeal meeting 
  • A redundancy consultation process or appeal meeting 
  • Recruitment interviews and onboarding for new recruits 
  • Employment discussions and settlement agreements
  • Employment mediations
  • Staff handbooks and bespoke policies 
  • Reviewing and checking supplier contracts, equipment, laboratory services, waste services, cleaning services, communications, recruitment agency, advertising services and contracts with patients.

By inviting one of our experienced team members to join you in your meeting or to review your contracts, you’ll have guidance, advice and support throughout.

Speak to one of our expert advisors today on 020 7935 0875 or email [email protected]  

Available to Expert members upon enquiry.