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The NHS guidance is that they might have a vaccination – it does no harm if it has already been administered and the patient will always need it, outside of the current outbreak.

There is a risk assessment available for the wider NHS but having a vaccination will do no harm according to the NHS.

The most used vaccine contains porcine gelatine, however, there are such as the Priorix® which is as safe and effective as MMR VaxPro® and does not contain it.

If a case is confirmed or suspected, the exposed person should be excluded from work from the 5th day after the first exposure to 21 days after the final exposure. The NHS provides more detailed advice on control measures.

The NHS MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine advice states that it's important to check you've had both doses if you are a frontline health or social care worker, and staff immunisation status/records should be available.