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Advice following measles outbreak

The NHS have released guidance following a measles outbreak in the Midlands and Yorkshire areas, stating that organisations should have immunisation status/records available for all staff (clinical and non-clinical).

This is not mandatory but implies that proof is on record. The guidance states that satisfactory evidence of protection includes documentation of having received two doses of MMR or having had positive antibody tests for measles and rubella.

In cases where staff cannot source immunisation records the guidance states that the MMR vaccine could be given again with no negative side-effects. We understand there may be resistance from some faith communities as these vaccines generally contain porcine gelatine, however, there are alternatives which do not contain gelatine and are equally as safe and effective.

In relation to catching measles at work, a health care worker is deemed to be exposed and/or a contact if they spend more than 15 minutes in a small, confined area with a confirmed measles patient without wearing appropriate PPE.

We believe that exposure in this way is unlikely in a dental surgery. However, if a case is confirmed or suspected, the exposed person should be excluded from work from the fifth day after the first exposure to 21 days after the final exposure.


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