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Dentists legal rights as commercial purchasers

This guide provides advice on contracts dental practices make with other businesses, suppliers and tradespeople, including advice on contract law and rights as a commercial buyer.


The contracts that dental practices make with other businesses, suppliers and tradespeople are governed by contract law but as a commercial buyer you may not be covered by the same consumer rights that individuals enjoy.

You should always keep under review your suppliers of goods and services; you may obtain better good and services elsewhere, or at a better price. You must therefore know your rights to end your supply contracts to allow you to negotiate the best deals. A regular audit of your contracts with suppliers will help.

Key learning points

This advice provides an overview of your legal rights as a commercial purchaser of goods and services. It explains:

  • When a contract exists and the legally-binding nature of agreements
  • Your statutory rights, including those that are implied (unless they are excluded by the small print)
  • How to ensure that the terms of a contract are acceptable and how to negotiate changes
  • Your rights, if good or services are unsatisfactory, including the responsibilities that attach to the supplier
  • When it might be appropriate to claim compensation.