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Business management overview

Whether NHS, mixed or private, dental business management requires knowledge of legal and regulatory tasks required of owners and managers.

Business planning and managing change

This advice identifies the main aspects of developing a business plan: what you want to achieve for your business and describes where you are now, and how you will reach your goals.

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Business continuity

Advice on business continuity planning involving a contingency plan for situations that could seriously affect the long-term survival of a dental practice.

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Buying a practice

This advice provides an overview of the process of buying and owning a dental practice, market research, planning and where professional advice is needed.

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Companies and LLPs

This advice provides an overview of the implications of running your practice as a limited company or an LLP.

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Death and serious illness

This advice is aimed at non-dentists who find themselves in the position of managing the practice of a dentist who has died or is too ill to work.

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Leases and licences

This advice should help you negotiate a fair working arrangement by leasing or licensing a commercial property for a dental practice.

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Money laundering

This advice describes the obligations on businesses to avoid being involved in money laundering activities.

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Names and branding

This advice summarises the importance of a business name, including protecting it, the value and registration process of trademarks.

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New practice start up

This introductory guide provides some ideas to help you establish an entirely new practice and is structured according to the stages that you will go through.

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Planning permission

If you are building new dental practice premises, or altering or extending existing premise, you are likely to need planning permission.

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Selling a practice

This advice will help you prepare your dental practice before putting it on the market and guide you through the sales process itself.

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