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BDSA committee

The BDSA is made up of an Executive Committee plus two BDA Representatives from each of the UK dental schools.

BDSA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee contains five members and is responsible for managing the activities of the BDSA and the BDA Student Committee. Each member is voted in at the Annual General Meeting which takes place at the BDSA conference.


Executive committee roles:


President - Oversees the activities of the executive committee, plus Vice Chair of BDA Student Committee

Erin Jaffray, Liverpool


Hello everyone! My name is Erin Jaffray. I'm currently a third-year student at Liverpool Dental school and I am your BDSA President for 2019-20.


Previously I have been involved in the BDSA Committee and BDA Student Committee, as well as being a member of the Liverpool Dental School Society Committee. I'm so excited to be your BDSA president and working with the Executive Committee and the BDA reps from each dental school to ensure a successful year for BDSA.


I will ensure continued integration between dental students on a social level and to oversee political student activities. I will also guarantee dental students across the UK have their voice heard within the dental profession. I will endeavour to continue the success of the previous committee with the annual charity week to raise money for our chosen charity, as well as encouraging applications for the Douglas Jackson grant.


I am really looking forward to leading the committee this year and look forward to meeting many of you at BDSA Sports Day and Conference. Please contact us if you have any issues, views, ideas or anything you would like to discuss.


Please email us on


Secretary - Organises the annual BDSA Sports Day

Aisling Power, Sheffield


Hi, I’m Aisling Power, a third-year dental student at the University of Sheffield and the 2019 BDSA Secretary and Sports Day Organiser.


My role is firstly to sit on the Executive Board at the BDA Student Committee meetings, where I will work with the new Executive Committee to help voice dental students' concerns and make sure that these are correctly addressed.


In addition, my role is also to organise the most anticipated event for UK dental students, BDSA Sports Day. So, this October, I have the honour to invite everyone to the glorious Steel City (that’s Sheffield if you couldn’t work it out) for a weekend of sports and socialising.


Having previously attended the last three BDSA Sports Days (thanks London, Manchester and Liverpool!) I want to put into practise everything I have learnt in order to make BDSA Sheffield the best one yet!


Conference Organiser - Responsible for organising the BDSA annual conference

Nazgol Mashaikhirad, Barts

Hello! I am Nazgol, a third year dental student at Barts and The London, and I am your BDSA Conference Organiser for 2019-20.
Every year, a different dental school hosts the BDSA Conference - which consists of academic lectures, a trade fayre and social events. This annual event is known for being fun and memorable, allowing dental students from all over the UK to integrate.


Barts and The London will be hosting the BDSA Conference in March 2020 and we are absolutely thrilled to have been selected. My committee and I will do absolutely everything we can to ensure every attendee has an unforgettable time.


Looking forward to seeing you all in March!


Communications Officer - Responsible for all BDSA communications, including BDJ Student articles

Anika Patel, Bristol


Hello, my name is Anika. I am a fourth-year dental student at University of Bristol and your BDSA Communications Officer for 2019-20.


I previously qualified with a BSc in Dental Hygiene and Therapy prior to starting the BDS course.  Having already had prior knowledge of the BDA, I was excited to be the BDA Representative for my dental school for the past two years. I am now lucky to have the opportunity to be part of the BDSA Executive Committee.


My role is a dual role which involves sitting on BDSA as well as BDA Student Committee meetings. This in turn allows me to publicise news from the BDSA and BDA on social media, as well as keeping BDA student reps from across the country up-to-date with information from both organisations. Additionally, I report on the BDSA Conference and Sports Day events in BDJ Student magazine.


Furthermore, I believe in the work the BDA and BDSA do for the dental profession not only on the political front, but also on aspects such as networking. Therefore, I promise to do my best in making the voice of dental students heard.


Treasurer - Manages the BDSA finances and is responsible for claiming subs from each school

Stephanie Yeung, Barts


Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a fourth year dental student at Barts and The London. I am very much looking forward to being your BDSA Treasurer for 2019-20.


I am passionate about the student voice and think it’s so important to show up and provide a representative student perspective on important issues that affect us. It has been great to see the integration between dental schools and students working together in the BDSA and BDA Student Committee to action change. I am also the BDA Student Committee’s representative on the BDA Ethics, Education and Dental Team (EEDT) Working Group.


My role as Treasurer includes overseeing BDSA finances and allocation of grant funding. This includes assisting the Sports Day and Conference organisers with financing if needed. The scope of the Treasurer’s role will extend as BDSA increases its international profile via platforms such as the European Dental Students Association (EDSA) and International Association of Dental Students (IADS).


The Douglas Jackson Grant is open to all students and aims to promote, support and strengthen relationships between UK dental schools. It is open to all students who have an idea to bring dental schools together. We look forward to receiving your applications!



To run for the position of BDSA President, Communications Officer or Treasurer, students must have previously been a BDA Representative. All other Executive Committee positions are open to any UK dental student.


For more information about the roles and how to apply, download the BDSA Executive Committee role descriptions:



Local BDA Representatives

In addition to the Executive Committee, each UK dental school has two BDA Student Representatives: a Junior and a Senior. They are known as BDA reps. 


The reps are elected in a variety of ways depending on individual dental schools. Normally the position is available at annual Dental Society elections with reps holding office for two years; initially classed as Junior, then progressing to Senior.
Roles of the local BDA representatives:​


  • Act as the BDA and BDSA school student contact
  • Canvas opinions on matters discussed at BDA Student Committee and BDSA meetings
  • Publicise BDA and BDSA events
  • Approach the BDSA Executive about matters of student concern
  • Promote BDA membership.

BDA reps attend BDA Student Committee meetings and BDSA meetings twice a year in London (expenses paid). These reps have two roles, first to sit on the BDA Student Committee and carry out political work, and secondly to work as your BDSA rep to help arrange your national social events.


For more information about the roles and how to apply, download the BDA Representative role description.