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Scottish Council

The Scottish Council is the overarching committee in Scotland consisting of representatives from the Scottish ‘craft committees’ which advises the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee (PEC) on all matters relating to dentistry in Scotland, and liaises with BDA branches and sections.

What does the Scottish Council do?

The Scottish Council considers all matters relating to dentistry, excepting those issues covered by the granting of delegated powers to the Scottish Dental Practice Committee and the Scottish Public Dental Services Committee, and to deal with all such matters in conformity with the decisions of the BDA board.


Member updates

Reform of NHS Dental Services

The Scottish Government is engaging in a process to develop and shape a revised Determination 1 of the Statement of Dental Remuneration. 

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, in his letter of 28 June 2022, outlined plans to set up a CDO Advisory Group as part of the reform programme. NHS Boards put forward nominees from their Board areas from the dentists and members of the dental team, who volunteered to participate.

The Advisory Group was established to provide short life consultative comments and advice to the Chief Dental Officer (CDO) about the development and shape of a revised Determination I.

Representatives from the BDA Scottish Dental Practice Committee and Scottish Government will engage in meetings on payment reform for the revised Determination 1 and this work is due to start in January 2023.

Notes of all the Advisory Group workshops and the BDA and Scottish Government representative meetings, will be in the public domain and can be found here.

Notes of the meetings between BDA and Scottish Government representatives will be agreed by both parties.

Correspondence with Scottish Government Ministers and the CDO


Letter from Cabinet Secretary dated 23 September – next steps for multiplier reform

Letter to Cabinet Secretary dated 5 September – waiting lists for paediatric extractions under general anaesthetic

Letter from CDO dated 19 July – reminder about SG NHS survey and CDO Advisory Group

Letter to Cabinet Secretary dated 13 July – dismay at reduction of IoS multiplier

Letter from Cabinet Secretary dated 28 June - next steps for multiplier reform

Letter to CDO dated 15 June – retaining IoS multiplier at its current level

Letter from CDO dated 4 April – changes to IPC Standard Operating Procedures

Letter from CDO dated 1 April – de-escalation of Covid-19 IPC measures


Letter from CDO dated 20 December – managing the impact of Covid-19 over the Winter period

Letter from CDO dated 7 December – Infection, protection and control mitigations update

Letter from Cabinet Secretary dated 21 October – emergency funding support to be withdrawn by 1 April 2022.

Letter from CDO dated 10 September - Clarification on requirements of eligible equipment for the improvement allowance for electric speed adjusting hand pieces.


Letter to Cabinet Secretary dated 3 September – concerns regarding launch of free NHS dental care for 18-25 year olds on 24 August.


Letter from Cabinet Secretary dated 20 August – implementation of 100-day commitment to remove NHS dental charges for young people


Letter from CDO dated 13 August – DDRB recommendation.


Letter from CDO dated 8 July – review of IPC guidance.


Letter from CDO dated 29 June – activity measurements linked to Covid financial support suspended for NHS dental practices


Letter from CDO dated 21 June – SAPG-D recommendations on antibiotic prescribing


Letter from CDO dated 9 June – ventilation funding confirmed for NHS dental practices


Letter to Minister dated 3 June – joint letter from Scottish craft committee Chairs to highlight concerns about a range of issues, many of which have been exacerbated by the pandemic.


Letter to Minister on 10 March and reply dated 14 April re issues affecting dentists across Scotland


COVID-19 pandemic

Regular updates are provided via Coronavirus live updates.



Scotland: Update on PPE: Update on arrangements for PPE allocation in Scotland.


Scotland: Update on IPC: Updated FAQs on the NIPCM and SOP guidance in Scotland



Scotland: Opening doors for students - How is the new bursary scheme in Scotland benefitting dental students and what other support is available to them?


Scotland: Putting dentistry on the political agenda - How our oral health manifesto is shaping election debate and what else the next Scottish Government needs to do to bridge oral health inequalities.


Scotland: Putting PDS in the spotlight - Graham Smith, Chair of the Scottish PDS Committee, highlights the massive backlog of unmet dental need and the future capacity concerns.


Scotland: COVID-19 impacts dental education and training - What impact has the pandemic had on dental education and training in Scotland? Colin Levey of the University of Dundee investigates.


Scotland: Our ongoing fight for dentists - David McColl outlines 10 things BDA Scotland is doing on your behalf right now and why it’s vital that we stick together.


BDA Scotland Manifesto

BDA Scotland has now published its 2021 Manifesto: Bridging the Gap: Tackling Oral Health Inequalities and is calling on the incoming Scottish Parliament to pledge its support for a five-point plan for better oral health in Scotland:


  • Address the backlog of unmet dental care need

  • Promote prevention to help tackle oral health inequalities

  • Ensure NHS dentistry remains sustainable

  • Improve access for vulnerable groups

  • Integrate oral health with wider public health priorities.

We are acutely aware of the growing impact the Coronavirus pandemic is having on your professional and personal lives. In light of this, BDA Scotland has been working with the Scottish Government to produce a mental health and wellbeing resource for dentists and their teams across Scotland.


The compilation highlights guidance and wide support resources available for you as and when you may need it. It includes a range of UK-wide resources including the NHS Occupational Health Advice and Guidance Services which we secured, alongside the Scottish Dental Practice Committee, in 2018 to support dentists and their teams. The service is delivered through the NHS Boards.


The new resource has also been published on Scottish Dental.


Please see our campaign Tackling stress in dentistry for more information.

Scottish Government PCAs

Memorandum to PDA(D)(2022)4 outlines details of the dental sustainability funding allocated to NHS practices

Memorandum to PDA(D)(2022)3 outlines changes to revised payment arrangements from April 2022   

Memorandum to PDA(D)(2022)2 details changes to the NHS Recruitment and Retention Allowances

​Memorandum to PCA(D)(2022)1 provides details of changes to the SDR from 1 February 2022

Memorandum to PCA(D)(2021)8 provides details about the revised Scottish Dental Access Initiative

Memorandum to PCA(D)(2021)7 provides details of changes to SDR regarding the 2021/2022 pay award for GDPs

Memorandum to PCA(D)(2021)6 provides details of the improvement allowance for electric speed adjusting (red band) handpieces

Memorandum to PCA(D)(2021)5 provides details of changes to Determination X of the SDR - contractors in a surrogacy arrangement


Memorandum to PCA(D)(2021)3 details of ventilation funding for NHS practices

Memorandum to PCA(D)(2021)02 advises changes to the calculation of maternity, paternity and adoptive leave payments, and to long-term sickness payments

Memorandum to PCA(D)(2021)01 provides guidance to GDP’s on how to receive the £500 one-off payment for helping Scotland cope with the pandemic



NHS Pension Scheme (Scotland)

BDA Scotland response - NHS Pension Scheme: Retirement flexibilities and changes to pension rules regarding inflation

Scotland's Charter for a tobacco-free generation

BDA Scotland statement regarding Scotland's Charter for a tobacco-free generation – Supporter's Survey 2022

ARHAI Scotland AGPs review

ARHAI Scotland AGPs review update: BDA Response

Universities (Scotland) Act 1966

BDA Scotland Response - Reinstating the Ability of University of St Andrews to Award Certain Degrees and Licenses.

Ending the sale of energy drinks to children and young people

Consultation - Final response - Ending the sale of energy drinks to children and young people.

Scottish Council Representatives

The Scottish Council members for 2022-2024 are:


East Branch representatives

Nick Baker, Edinburgh
Colwyn Jones, Edinburgh


North Branch representatives
Robert Donald, Nairn, Chair
Carly Fraser, Aberdeen, Vice Chair


West Branch representatives

David Cross, Glasgow
Albert Yeung, Lanarkshire


Scottish Dental Practice Committee representatives

David McColl, Glasgow, Chair

Josephine Weir, Vice Chair, Gourock

Harriet Liddicott, Aberdeen

Scottish Hospital Dentists Reference Group

John Ho-A-Yun, Lead


SPDSC Representatives

Phil MacCallum, Chair

Graham Smith, Isle of Syke, Vice Chair

Clinical Academic Reference Group

Simon Shepherd, Dundee Dental School


Representative of Scottish Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors

John Hoayun

Young Dentist Committee Representative

To be confirmed


One member of the Principal Executive Committee elected by members in Scotland

Laura Cross, Glasgow

Principal Executive Committee Members

Eddie Crouch, BDA PEC Chair
Peter Crooks, BDA PEC Deputy Chair

Meeting dates 2022

17 March
18 August
1 December


Get in touch

For more information, please contact committee Secretary Elaine Bruce elaine.bruce@bda.org.
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