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To qualify to apply for cover, you must be a UK based, GDC-registered dentist and a BDA member. Your work status must correlate with the following membership tiers: 

Members that are:

Must have this membership:


Members who are exclusively hospital/community/university/defence service employed. Also for those whose work in dentistry is non-clinical in nature.



Members who are self-employed and engaged to provide treatment to patients but do not own a stake in a practice.


Practice owners

Members who can do a mix of work, but have a stake in a practice.

Includes: practice owner; employer of any practice staff; registered provider or manager in the practice’s registration with the Care Quality Commission (or equivalent position in respect of HIW in Wales, HIS in Scotland or RQIA in Northern Ireland); responsible person in relation to any aspect of compliance with a legal requirement (for example, the Information Commissioner’s Office)


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Any UK-based, GDC-registered dentist can get a quote, just log in or register first. 

I have been served well by the BDA in the past and have every confidence that they have both mine and our profession’s best interests at their heart.