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Who is eligible for BDA Indemnity?

Any GDC-registered dentist can get an indicative quote, but to eligible for cover you must also be UK based and a BDA member. Access to our highly regarded member support and services before things go wrong decreases the risk profile, and because of this, we’ve been able to price the indemnity cover fairly. 

Your work status must correlate with the following membership tiers: 

Members that are:

Must have this membership:


Members who are exclusively hospital/community/university/defence service employed. Also for those whose work in dentistry is non-clinical in nature. Our cover for salaried dentists is designed to 'wrap around' the employer-provided indemnity, giving the member extra peace of mind.



Members who are self-employed and engaged to provide treatment to patients but do not own a stake in a practice.


Practice owners

Members who can do a mix of work, but have a stake in a practice.

Includes: practice owner; employer of any practice staff; registered provider or manager in the practice’s registration with the Care Quality Commission (or equivalent position in respect of HIW in Wales, HIS in Scotland or RQIA in Northern Ireland); responsible person in relation to any aspect of compliance with a legal requirement (for example, the Information Commissioner’s Office)


If you join the BDA to take advantage of the indemnity cover but your application is unsuccessful, we will refund your membership fee. If you upgrade from one package to another to be eligible to purchase the cover, then we will refund the difference and revert your membership to the original package.

What do I do next?

Comprehensive and contractual cover and dentist to dentist support, with the backing of the BDA's membership for advice.

John O. Edwards Practice Owner

I have been served well by the BDA in the past and have every confidence that they have both mine and our profession’s best interests at their heart.

BDA member