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Applying for BDA Indemnity as a non member

A clipboard form with a tick box

Complete the short quote form

Login to bda.org and answer the questions in our quote form to receive an indicative quote to your inbox.

If you're not already registered on our website, please do that first to be able to access the form.

Happy with the quote?

Join us as a member before submitting your indemnity application. Please note that your work status will decide which type of membership you will need.

If your application is unsuccessful and you don't want to stay a member, we will refund your membership fee.

A sheet with an @ symbol on it stuck in an open envelope

Apply for indemnity via your unique link

Once you are a BDA member, follow the link in your quote email to submit your application. Your quote and application are joined together - the link in the email is unique to you.

Download our Indemnity application checklist for an overview of the information you'll need to gather in order to apply.

A document being scrutinised through a magnifying glass

We will review your application

We can often confirm your acceptance and email a final offer within two working days. If you like what you see, we will proceed to finalise your cover.

BDA indemnity shield  icon with a check mark in it

You're protected!

In times of pressure our team is here to help.