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Frequently asked questions

Please see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about BDA membership.


​​​​​​​What membership packages do you offer?

You can choose from three different packages; each offers different benefits and services at a different price.

Essential membership offers entry-level access for just £36 per month. 

Extra membership offers an enhanced range of benefits (including one-to-one advice) for £78 per month. 

For those who want access to the full range of BDA services (including exclusive access to 150 customisable policies, templates and checklists you need), Expert memb​ership is available at a cost of £110 per month.

Undergraduate dental students should select the student package. Membership is £28 for a year, that's less than £2.50 per month.

Fees can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly. Members can get a 5% discount by paying their fees annually. 

The fees shown here are applicable until 31 May.
DCPs cannot join the BDA although there are ways you can engage.


Where can I get help in making my choice?

The web pages here contain detailed information on each membership package. 

Should you require further information or guidance in making your choice, our membership team will be pleased to help you. Either email or call 020 7563 4550.


How do I choose?

Simply call the membership team on 020 7563 4550. Lines are open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.


Once I've chosen, can I change my membership package?

You can upgrade your membership at any time. Simply call the membership team on 020 7563 4550 to get immediate access to further benefits and services. All we ask is that you commit to a minimum period of membership of one year in the new package.

If you'd like to downgrade from your current membership package, you can do this once your minimum membership period has elapsed, subject to one month's notice.


Why did fees increase on 1 June?​

While we're a not-for-profit organisation, we want to invest in services members need. We're increasing the fees slightly (but keeping that increase as low as possible) so that we can do that in the months ahead.


We put any surplus money back into the business for the benefit of members.


I live abroad – which is the best form of membership for me?

For members living overseas, we offer an International membership. This offers all the benefits of Essential membership but allows for publications (the British Dental Journal and BDJ In Practice) to be sent internationally. 

International membership is available at £45 per month. 

Fees can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly. Members can get a 5% discount by paying their fees annually. 


How does Good Practice work alongside BDA membership?

Members will be able to prepare an application for membership of the Good Practice Scheme, whichever membership package you select. The ‘Self-Assessment’ criteria are published on the website and are available to all members.


In addition, the requirement to use BDA Expert in order to prepare an application has been removed. We believe that using BDA Expert provides the best, quickest and easiest route to gaining (or maintaining) membership of the Good Practice Scheme, but we recognise that members may wish to develop their applications in different ways.


So, for example, it would be possible to be an Essential member (at £36 per month), and still be a member of the Good Practice Scheme.


The fees for Good Practice Scheme are entirely separate from membership, and are set by the scheme administrators every year. From June 2013, all applications will be assessed via an onsite assessment to confirm compliance with the Scheme standard.


How do I make changes to my Direct Debit arrangements?

If you would like to change the account from which payments are taken, or change the frequency of payments, please contact the membership team on 020 7563 4550 or email


Is BDA membership still tax deductible?

Yes. The BDA is one of the HMRC approved professional bodies (list 3). For more information please refer to tax relief on membership subscriptions.


I qualified abroad and am not registered with the GDC – which membership package can I join under?

For members who qualified abroad and now living in the UK, we offer a Qualified Overseas working towards GDC registration grade, this offers all the benefits of Essential membership, however, you will not be eligible to vote. This is available at £36 per month. 

Fees can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly. Members can get a 5% discount by paying their fees annually.