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Ideal for undergraduates and the newly qualified, BDJ Clinician's Guides also serve as a refresher for more experienced clinicians and are valued as excellent postgraduate texts too. Superbly illustrated, the Guides are written by recognised experts and provide common sense guidance and solutions to everyday problems.

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Available titles


Oral Implantology: Assessment to maintenance
Editor: Craig Barclay


Cone Beam CT in Dentistry – An Atlas for Dentists and Medical Radiologists
Author: Suk Y. Ng

Graftless Solutions for the Edentulous Patient
Editor: Saj Jivraj


A Guide to Good Occlusal Practice - Second Edition
Author: Stephen Davies
Verifiable CPD available

Sustainable Dentistry – Making a Difference
Editor: Brett Duane

Tooth Wear – An Authoritative Reference for Dental Professionals and Students
Editors: Andrew Eder, Maurice Faigenblum

Optimal Pain Management for the Dental Team
Editor: Tara Renton
Verifiable CPD available

Oral Health and Dental Care in the Ageing Population
Editors: Mili Doshi, Andrew Geddis-Regan
Verifiable CPD available


Paediatric Dentistry for the General Dental Practitioner
Editors: Sondos Albadri, Claire L. Stevens

Editors: Richard Palmer, Peter Floyd
Verifiable CPD available


Infection Control in Primary Dental Care
Authors: Martin R. Fulford, Nikolai R. Stankiewicz
Verifiable CPD available


Extra-Coronal Restorations – Concepts and Clinical Application (Second Edition)
Editors: Robert Wassell, Francis Nohl, Jimmy Steele, Angus Walls
Verifiable CPD available

Fixed Orthodontic Appliances – A Practical Guide
Authors: Padhraig Fleming, Jadbinder Seehra
Verifiable CPD available

General Medicine and Surgery for Dental Practitioners
Authors: Mark Greenwood, John G. Meechan

The Scientific Basis of Oral Health Education
Authors: Ronnie Levine, Catherine Stillman-Lowe
Verifiable CPD available

Oral Medicine in Primary Dental Care
Authors: Michael A. O. Lewis, Philip-John Lamey
Verifiable CPD available


Graftless Solutions for the Edentulous Patient
Editor: Saj Jivraj

cover of Extra-Coronal Restorations 2nd edition

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