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​Dental Trainees have their say at feedback event

A feedback event dedicated to hearing from Hospital Dental Trainees and their attitudes towards pay and workplace conditions has taken place in the School of Dentistry, co-hosted by the BMA and the BDA.

Dental Trainees Feedback Event


This is the latest in a series of BMA NI Junior Doctors Committee trainee engagement events which are aimed at informing BMA deliberations at a crucial time, not least when Industrial Action is being taken forward in other parts.

Unfair pay, specifically the status quo arrangement where Dental Core Trainees in Northern Ireland are being paid at Foundation Year 2 level, and not on core training pay scales came across as the overwhelming issue of concern. Pay is attributed as being the main factor behind the very high number of DCT vacancies this year.

Working closely with the BMA who negotiate on behalf of Hospital dentists on contractual issues, we will continue to highlight the pay situation and the obvious detrimental impact this is having, not only on current trainees but also on service delivery, now and in the future.

This situation is grossly unfair and is predicated on a flawed underpinning that does not exist anywhere else in the UK. We know the Department of Health were previously considering transferring trainees to the StR pay scale; we will be stepping up efforts for a resolution of this issue in the coming months.