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SDRS communications go electronic

The Scottish Dental Reference Service (SDRS) monitors the standard and quality of all NHS dental treatment in Scotland by inspecting patients’ mouths either before or after treatment has been carried out.

The SDRS have recently announced that there will be a change in how important communications are shared with you. Once patients have been examined by a Dental Reference Officer (DRO), a report is typically shared with you and your patient regarding the necessity and standard of the treatment.

The recently announced change in communication methods means that letters to dentists, including DRO reports, are no longer sent by post, and are now sent to you electronically using NHS email. Currently, your patients will still receive any correspondence about the treatment that has been carried out by post.

Communicating via email rather than post allows for more secure communication that is also convenient and reliable. All dentists need to ensure NHS email accounts are checked regularly to make sure that no communications are missed.

If you have any queries on the change or issues with accessing your emails, the SDRS can help you. It is easy to get in touch by email, [email protected] or by calling 0345 712 5449.