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The practice is not the place to argue about vaccination

Now that the government has brought in mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for healthcare workers in England, some practices are reporting difficulties.

The overwhelming majority of dentists and dental teams are in favour of vaccination. However, a proportion of dental staff are against the COVID-19 vaccination, some decidedly so. We advise practices to have open and constructive discussions with staff on this issue, and have provided resources to help, below. However, discussing the efficacy and safety of vaccination, with those who are decidedly against it, may prove difficult.

Mandatory vaccination for healthcare staff is now law in England. From 1 April 2022, staff without medical exemption will need to be vaccinated or the practice will be in breach of regulations and will face enforcement action. Ultimately, you should not feel obliged to argue with staff on the rights or wrongs of a law which govern dental practice. It is not your role to ensure staff give informed consent for a vaccination provided by another medical organisation.

Members can see our advice on the compulsory COVID vaccination and staff management, which includes:

Letter templates are also available to Expert members for the following: