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Uplift does not account for expenses

We have written to the Minister for Health Robin Swann in Northern Ireland following the DDRB report’s recommendations.

Letter to Minister Swann concerning expenses

We have written regarding the report's recommendation of a 4.5% uplift – and its recommendation that the pertinent issue of rising expenses should be dealt with separately. This year the DDRB noted that its recommendations are net of expenses and do not take into account fluctuations in operating costs.

This is untenable in the current environment. Indeed, the Review Body’s 50th annual report stated that 'ensuring that dental practices’ financial sustainability and dental earnings are not affected by such fluctuations is an important responsibility that lies with the governments, in agreeing expenses uplifts.

With inflation, as measured by RPI running at 11% and having risen sharply over the course of this year, it is clear that a token approach based on out-of-date inflation measures is not a viable solution to the soaring expenses elements of the uplift for 2022-23. We will update you when we receive a response from the Minister.