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Working for PDS dentists

We have written to the Chief Dental Officer Scotland, Tom Ferris, seeking a meeting to discuss Public Dental Service (PDS) issues.

Firstly, we're looking for an extended competency point to be added to PDS contracts in Scotland. This appears in the English and Welsh Community Dental Service contracts, but not in either the corresponding Scottish or Northern Ireland contracts. The extended competency point allows dentists to undertake additional duties agreed at appraisal. It means dentists at the top of their individual payscales can earn more money for carrying out these duties.

We're also asking for a training allowance for PDS dentists. Scotland is the only country in the UK which does not currently have this allowance. Clearly this needs to change, giving a training allowance to PDS dentists which will assist them in up-skilling and may help promote job satisfaction. We have previously raised this issue with the Scottish Government and were told that adequate training was provided by NHS Education Scotland. This is no longer the case, and there is no national agreement to fund PDS training.