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Motivated by my patients and the people I have met

Blog Author Shaila Patel-Buxton

Blog Date 08/08/2017

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I have been working as an associate for Bupa, and my current role is working as in-house dentist for international law firm Allen & Overy LLp. We look after their lawyers and support staff who work in a very demanding environment, often with tight deadlines.

The last few years have been challenging for me personally as I’ve also been a carer, looking after my mum who had a brain tumour.

I am part of the ‘health’ team alongside an in-house GP, physiotherapists, a physiologist and a nutritionist. We have regular multi-disciplinary clinical meetings to discuss cases where patients could benefit from a combined approach, such as patients with uncontrolled diabetes, caries and gum disease.

I feel it is an honour to work as a dentist, and be lucky enough to meet a cross section of society, people of all different ages and from all different backgrounds.

I am really motivated by my patients’ stories, and sometimes they have compelled me to take further action. I’ve volunteered for the charity Global Angels in Burma, and produced a short video to help demonstrate the amazing work this charity does, training local doctors, dentists and teachers to deliver healthcare and help save lives.

The nicest thing a patient has ever said to me was: “It’s been lovely having you touching just part of my life. I warmed to you straight away (and I never thought I would ever say that to a dentist!) and I want to say thank you for just being you, a kind and empathetic person.”

Shaila Patel-Buxton

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